Advice and Reflections from Menton - Ryley

Ryley offers insights on life at the Menton campus and shares details about navigating challenges in a foreign country, travel opportunities as a student, and how to balance the rigorous academic environment with the amazing experiences all around Menton.

Picture of the Menton campus

Since returning to the United States, following the stress of finals and last-minute packing, I can confidently...

A Year in Review - Sara

Sara looks back on the year and highlights her main takeaways, how the diversity of Sciences Po has shaped her worldview, and the three pieces of advice she would offer to incoming Reims students.

Picture of the Reims campus

Going into the school year, I was terrified. Afterall, I was, as a minor, moving back to a country I hadn’t lived in in a decade. My French was very rusty, I had no...

Reflections of an Undergrad - Yui

Yui is a graduating senior of the dual degree program from LA, Chile, and Japan. She attended the Reims campus where she majored in Politics and Government, and at Berkeley she majored in Legal Studies. As she reflects on her time during the program, she gives 5 lessons for incoming and current students.


First-Year Packing List - Ryley

Ryley is a student in the class of 2027 and the fall 2023 recipient of the Social Media Scholarship. Here, she gives us a packing list for your first semester/year at the Menton campus!

With the challenges of moving to a new country combined with starting your undergraduate experience, there can be lots of information to sort through. To make your experience planning for university a little easier, I compiled a packing list complete with all the amenities you could need in your first year. Best of luck!...

Making and Leaving Friends in the Dual Degree Program - Zaidie

Zaidie is a recent graduate of the dual degree program! She attended the Menton campus of Sciences Po where she majored in Economies and Societies. At UC Berkeley, she completed a Political Economy major with a Sustainability concentration and a Human Rights Interdisciplinary minor. Here she details her experience with, and advice for, approaching social life and finding community throughout the dual degree program.

One of the most common questions we get from students interested in the Dual Degree program is “how do you manage the...

Research at Berkeley - Ashley

Ashley is a dual degree student graduating in Fall, 2023 who attended the Reims campus of Sciences Po! She studied Politics and Government at Sciences Po and is currently finishing an Economics degree at UC Berkeley. Here she gives an overview of her experience with and advice regarding the research opportunities available to students at Berkeley.

When I got to Berkeley, I was overwhelmed by all the research opportunities that were out there, so I’ve written a short guide as to how to get research and what to look for if that’s what you’re interested...

Social Events at Sciences Po - Jasmine

Jasmine is a dual degree student in the class of 2024 who attended the Reims campus of Sciences Po! Here she gives an overview of what incoming students can expect in terms of social events during their time at Sciences Po.


Social life is very rich at Sciences Po, and the people you meet will likely be a highlight of your experience! Beyond dinners and activities organized between friends, the university administration and clubs on campus organize many fun events. Here’s a...

Joanna Lam's Year in Review (2023)

Joanna is a student in the class of 2027 and the fall 2021 recipients of the Social Media Scholarship. Below she reflects on her first year at the Sciences Po Campus of Le Havre.

Donc, la première année est finie, so here's my 1A reflection. My main takeaway after living in Le Havre is that I am lucky to be surrounded by so much love and camaraderie. This atmosphere certainly made the not-so-easy transition from high school to college a lot more pleasant, and furthermore, the newness of navigating a foreign country became easier with the...

Claire Peraldi-Decitre’s Year in Review (2022)

Claire is a student in the class of 2026 and one of the fall 2021 recipients of the Social Media Scholarship. Below she reflects on her first year at the Sciences Po Campus of Reims.

I can’t believe the year is over. It felt like three months yet five lives. The first words that come to my mind as I try to lay down the unexplainable year would be grateful, dense and lively. That’s what it is; the Dual Degree of Sciences Po and UC Berkeley is a pint of life.

I have simultaneously been incredibly stimulated...

Benjamin Gicqueau's Year in Review (2022)

Ben is a student in the class of 2026 and one of the fall 2021 recipients of the Social Media Scholarship. Below he reflects on his first year at the Sciences Po Campus of Le Havre.

I thought the best way to present my year in review was to organize it in a before and after so as to bridge the gap between your current expectations and my personal experience. I will divide into three parts: academics at the Sciences Po Le Havre Asia Campus followed by student integration and concluding with my expectations for next year....

Transition to Berkeley By Sarah Zhang

Sarah Zhang (Class of 2021) shared her experience with the transition from Sciences Po to UC Berkeley.

One of the questions that we as mentors get the most are the ones concerning adjusting between Sciences Po and Berkeley. How does one go from a small, close knit university in France to one of the largest public universities not only in the United States, but in the world? It is natural to have fears and anxieties about moving between two completely different academic, social, and cultural contexts. I hope that sharing my...

Housing at Sciences Po and UC Berkeley By Lindsey Parnas

Lindsey Parnas (Class of 2020) shared her experience with housing at Sciences Po and Berkeley. Some information including pricing may have changed since the initial publication.

One of the first things that I know I thought about when getting into the Dual Degree was “how do I get housing on the other side of the world and then how do I transition and get housing in Berkeley”. However, housing in France and Berkeley can be fairly easy to find, affordable and lead to some life-long friendships (Also as a caveat, I can only speak to my personal experience of...

My French-American University Experience By Sarah Zhang

Sarah Zhang (Class of 2021) shared her takeaways from her experience in the Dual Degree with France-Amerique Magazine in July of 2021.

I never imagined myself, a Midwestern girl who had never lived anywhere else, attending university in France and California. But once I discovered the Sciences Po-UC Berkeley Dual Degree Program, I began to wonder which of the three Sciences Po campuses – ...