Sciences Po and UC Berkeley Dual Degree Program

The Dual Degree between UC Berkeley and Sciences Po offers a unique and international undergraduate experience. Students spend their first two years at one of three Sciences Po campuses in France, each with a specific focus and geography. Sciences Po is France’s leading university in the social sciences and has been educating decision-makers in the public and private sectors for the past 140 years. Sciences Po offers a multidisciplinary education with over half of the 13,000 student population hailing from 150 countries outside of France.

Students complete their last two years at UC Berkeley, the number one public university in the world. With over 19,000 undergraduate students in the College of Letters and Science and over 80 degree programs offered, there are many majors available to students. Most students pursue a major in the Social Sciences, which builds on the foundation they developed at Sciences Po. Berkeley is a global campus and is internationally renowned for excellence and pioneering achievements across all disciplines.

Students who successfully complete this program, receive a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Sciences Po and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in the major they pursue at UC Berkeley. All graduates of the program are guaranteed admission into one of Sciences Po’s Master's programs.