Le Havre Campus

The city of Le Havre is located on the French north coast, in the Normandy region. A World Heritage site, Le Havre has historic links to Asia, since it is the biggest trade port for entry of Asian merchandise in France. The Le Havre campus hosts the Europe-Asia program.

Asia-Pacific Minor

• Focus on the history of the Asia-Pacific region, and its geopolitical, social, and economic issues, analyzing these comparatively with US and EU politics

• Program taught in English with intensive French language study

• Additional foreign language study in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

• Option of obtaining the Seas and Oceans Certificate

Through this English-language program, students are introduced to the history, economies, societies, and philosophical and artistic approaches of the various countries of Asia and the Pacific, from India to Japan and from China to Australia. The issues addressed (political violence, growth, and sustainable development, influence of Confucianism, etc.) allow students to familiarise themselves with Asia—a continent with a multi-millennial history and the economic hub of the future—through the lens of the social sciences and humanities, and in comparison with Europe.