All students are admitted to the program, both UC Berkeley and Sciences Po, as Freshmen (first-year students). To apply, students need to complete the Sciences Po – UC Berkeley Supplemental Application, and the standard UC application (be sure to select UC Berkeley). Complete information on how to apply to UC Berkeley can be found here.

Admission to the program is highly competitive. Students must be admitted to both UC Berkeley and Sciences Po to be considered for the Dual Degree Program. Students are evaluated according to the following criteria: academic achievement, perceived intellectual readiness, and the applicant's own representation of their experience, ideas, and aspirations. Candidates must meet UC Berkeley and Sciences Po admissions requirements, including English proficiency requirements. Applicants deemed eligible will be invited to an interview before a panel of representatives from Sciences Po and UC Berkeley.

*By nature of applying to the program, you have also applied to UC Berkeley as a regular degree-seeking student. It is possible to get accepted to UC Berkeley and be denied admission to the dual degree, and this will not affect your admission to Berkeley. Additionally, if accepted to the Dual Degree Program, you could choose to go to Berkeley for all four years.


Note: Applications for 2022 are closed. 2023 applications will open in September.

* You must first create an account before you can access the Sciences Po – UC Berkeley Supplemental application. This account is not linked to the account you will create for the University of California application.



UC Berkeley Application

Students will apply directly to the University of California and select UC Berkeley as a campus. Students must meet all of the guidelines to apply based on their residency, whether California resident, out of state or international student. Please see the Freshman Admission Page for more information.

Please note that SAT/ACT test scores are not used for any part of the Dual Degree admission process, including evaluation/holistic review, selection, or scholarship processes. For more information, please visit this University of California admissions page.

Sciences Po Supplemental Application

Students should not apply directly to Sciences Po to be admitted to the Dual Degree Program. The supplemental application will serve as the application to the Dual Degree. If you would like to be considered for Sciences Po regular admission (not just the dual degree), please follow the instructions on their website.

Supplemental Application Essay Question

In 750 to 1,000 words, describe the motivations that have led you to apply to the Dual Degree program between Sciences Po and Berkeley, and why you chose the specific Sciences Po campus and/or program of study (Le Havre, Menton, or Reims). Include specific examples that address the campuses' region of focus. Explain how and why the multidisciplinary education environments at Sciences Po (in the social sciences and humanities) and at Berkeley (within the College of Letters & Science) will help you to achieve your personal goals, both academic and professional. Be sure to explain how you foresee your involvement in campus life outside of the classroom at both institutions.

The essay should be written in English.


Students must include a resume as part of their application. This should include activities, organizations, skills, and anything else that you have done/did while in high school outside of coursework.

Recommendation Letters (recommended, not required)

Students can submit up to two (2) letters of recommendation for the Sciences Po supplemental application. If you plan to submit letters for your UC Berkeley application note that the recommendation letters submitted to the Dual Degree program are not forwarded to the UC Berkeley Admissions Office, they must be submitted separately. If appropriate, students may use the same recommendation letters for the UC Berkeley application and the supplemental application; however, be sure that these letters address your reason and readiness for the Dual Degree Program specifically.

Recommendation letters can come from the following (we highly suggest at least one letter come from an academic):

  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Supervisor
  • Counselor
  • Anyone else you deem appropriate


If invited, interviews will take place in late January and early February 2022 and will be conducted through an online platform.

Interviews include the Dual Degree Program Coordinators and Sciences Po Campus Directors, Deans, and/or officials. Be prepared to answer questions about the campus, region, current events, and personal reasons for the program.