UC Berkeley

Academic Requirements

Dual Degree students will have satisfied the majority of UC Berkeley's University and College requirements while at Sciences Po. Once at Berkeley, students will need to complete the American Cultures requirement, either the Physical or Biological Science Breadth requirement, and the remaining major requirements. In addition, they will need to complete 120 units (students will receive anywhere from 60-75 units from Sciences Po), 36 upper-division units, and senior residency.

Students who have AP, A-Level, or IB credit from high school will be able to apply these credits towards units for graduation, as well as any major requirements they still need satisfied (as applicable).


The following majors at UC Berkeley are the most common and easily connected to a students’ Sciences Po curriculum:

• Economics*

• Environmental Economics and Policy*

• Ethnic Studies

• Film

• Gender and Women's Studies

• Global Studies*

• History

• Interdisciplinary Studies

• Legal Studies

• Media Studies*

• Philosophy

• Political Economy*

• Political Science

• Sociology

*Economics, Environmental Economics and Policy, Global Studies, Media Studies, and Political Economy majors have a GPA minimum that students must meet in their first semester at Berkeley.

Other majors in the College of Letters and Science are possible but may require additional coursework. Please contact the program for more information.

A student’s time at Berkeley can be quite flexible. The Dual Degree allows students to consider pursuing a minor, double major, or take part in the UCDC program(link is external). This flexibility gives students the chance to not only pursue their major of choice, but also take courses in other departments as free electives, as well as get involved in research projects, clubs, and organizations.