At Sciences Po

During the first two years of the program students will study in France at one of three regional Sciences Po campuses. Each of these has a distinct area studies focus:

Le Havre — located on the Normandy Coast and focusing on the relationship between Europe and Asia

Menton — situated on the French Riviera and concerning itself with the dynamics between Europe, the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East and the Gulf states

Reims* — located just 45 minutes outside of Paris in the Champagne region; from a comparative perspective, focusing on relations between Europe and North America, as well as Europe and Africa

The three campuses share a common curriculum exploring a broad range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

Regardless of campus, all students will:

  • take core courses in the social sciences: political science, economics, history, sociology and law;
  • choose from electives in the humanities: philosophy, art history, literary studies;
  • take language courses that correspond to the campus’s linguistic and cultural orientation.


Roughly one third of each campus’s student body comes from the region of focus, with international and French students comprising the other two thirds. Courses are taught in English, although students may select alternate languages of instruction as their comfort level in a language increases.

The regional campuses are small and intimate, ensuring favorable class sizes and a strong sense of campus community.

*Students who wish to join the Europe-Africa Program in Reims must be fluent in English and have advance/upper intermediate (B2) French language proficiency. Fluency in both languages will be assessed during the admissions interview.

Summer School

Whether you have already been admitted to the dual degree programme or are simply interested in improving your French and/or knowledge of the social sciences, there’s something for everyone at the Sciences Po Summer School, held every summer on Sciences Po’s Paris campus in the months of June and July.  The Summer School offers academic tracks in both French language and social sciences, allowing students to experience life in France and familiarize themselves with the academic methodology of Sciences Po.  The Summer School takes full advantage of its location in the historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés district by extending classroom learning through trips to historic sites, Parisian neighborhoods, and a variety of cultural events.

At Berkeley

Students complete their junior and senior years at UC Berkeley, during which time they take take UC Berkeley and College of Letters and Science required courses, as well as completing a major. Most students will select a major in the Social Sciences, which builds on the foundation they developed at Sciences Po.

The following majors are available at all Sciences Po campuses:

  • Economics*
  • Ethnic Studies*
  • Global Studies
  • History
  • Legal Studies
  • Political Science
  • Political Economy
  • Sociology

(* Economics and Ethnic Studies majors may require additional coursework taken outside of the regular program)

In addition, dual degree students may select a major that builds on the specific strengths of the individual Sciences Po campus they attend. For example:

Students from Le Havre might choose:
•  East Asian Languages and Cultures

Students from Menton might additionally opt for:
•  Near Eastern Studies

Students who attend Reims might select:
•  African American Studies
•  Gender and Women’s Studies

Additional majors may also be possible, but require additional coursework taken outside of the regular program.