Dual BA Direct Program

The Direct Dual BA between UC Berkeley and Sciences Po offers highly qualified students who have already enrolled at one of the Sciences Po campuses an opportunity to continue their education at UC Berkeley. In lieu of the traditional third-year abroad requirement, admitted students spend two years at UC Berkeley, enrolled full time in the College of Letters and Science. Upon the successful completion of their studies at Berkeley, Dual BA Direct Program students will earn two bachelor's degrees, one from each institution.

Note: Information for the 2023 admissions cycle will be posted in September 2022.

About the Dual BA Direct Program Process

All Dual BA Program students, regardless of whether they are admitted through the first-year application process or through the Direct process, may transfer up to the equivalent of 70 UC Berkeley units from Sciences Po (or other eligible university-level coursework) toward the fulfillment of Berkeley's undergraduate degree program. Students will spend their two years at Berkeley completing University, College, and Major requirements.

By enrolling in the Dual BA Direct Program, students are demonstrating their commitment to complete both years at Berkeley. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded two bachelor's degrees, one each from Sciences Po and UC Berkeley. The Sciences Po diploma is not awarded prior to the completion of the two years at Berkeley. Graduates of this program, are guaranteed admission to a master's program at Sciences Po.

Dual BA Direct Program Cost

During the two years of study at Berkeley, students will pay full Berkeley tuition and fees.

The total cost (tuition/fees/living expenses) to attend Berkeley as an international/non-resident student for the 2019/2020 academic year was approximately $66,000. Neither Berkeley nor Sciences Po guarantee financial aid. For more information about fees visit the Berkeley International Office expenses page. For more information on financial aid see here.

Please note- Students are responsible for paying all expenses relating to the program. It is advised that candidates give serious consideration to their ability to pay prior to applying to UC Berkeley.

Application for Dual BA Direct Program

This partnership is open to Sciences Po students currently enrolled in their second year of undergraduate studies, provided they have validated their two years of study by July 2022. In applying for the Dual BA Direct Program, students are agreeing that enrollment in this program is their first priority, followed by the classic third year abroad. Strong candidates will have demonstrated academic excellence both during their high school years as well as their first year at Sciences Po.

Students currently enrolled in other international Dual BAs will not be considered for admission to the Berkeley Dual BA.

Application Instructions

There are two applications to complete: The “Sciences Po” application, which is not online and the “Berkeley” application, which is online.

1. "Sciences Po” application deadline: Sunday, November 21, 2021, at 11:59pm PST, to be sent out to agnes.charpentier@sciencespo.fr. Please include the UC application ID in the email. The UC ID will be given once you submit your UC application.

Please prepare the following documents (all must be in English or accompanied by English translations prepared by the applicant):

  • Copy of transcripts from Sciences Po and any other universities attended, translated into English by candidate; for double cursus students, please make sure credits are indicated on all transcripts
  • CV

2. "Berkeley" online application deadline: Sunday, November 21, 2021, at 11:59pm PST.

The "Berkeley" online application is also known as the "University of California General Application". Applicants may start working on this application effective immediately; however, the completed application cannot be submitted until November 1, and is due on November 21. Be sure to apply as a TRANSFER STUDENT and not as a freshman applicant!

Link to application: HERE

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