Dual Degree students must satisfy all of UC Berkeley’s University, College, and Major requirements . You can find more information about University and College requirements on the College of Letters and Science website. Many of the college and lower division major requirements will be satisfied with Sciences Po coursework, however, some requirements will need to be completed at Berkeley in order to finish the Dual Degree. More detailed information will be available in fall 2018.


The following majors at UC Berkeley are available to students who are in the Dual Degree Program:

(* Economics, Environmental Economics and Policy, and Political Economy majors have a GPA cap that students must meet their first semester at Berkeley).

In addition, dual degree students may select a major that builds on the specific strengths of the individual Sciences Po campus they attend. For example:

Students from Le Havre might choose:
•  East Asian Languages and Cultures

Students from Menton might additionally opt for:
 Near Eastern Languages and Literatures

Students who attend Reims might select:
•  African American Studies

Additional majors may also be possible, but require additional coursework at UC Berkeley taken outside of the regular program.