Frequently Asked Questions

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Applying and Admissions

  1. Can I apply directly to a Sciences Po campus as well as to the Dual Degree?

    Yes, if you would like to apply directly to Sciences Po as well as the Dual Degree program with UC Berkeley, you can. In order to apply directly to Sciences Po, follow the instructions and guidelines on their website. The supplemental application will still be required for admissions to the Dual Degree.

  2. Do I need to take the SAT to get in?

    Yes, all students regardless of nationality or place of residence must take the SAT with Essay or the ACT with writing in order to be considered for admission to the program. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

  3. Can I apply to other Dual Degree programs with Sciences Po?

    Yes, you can apply to other universities that offer a Dual Degree with Sciences Po.

  4. Can I apply to Berkeley as a regular four-year student in addition to the Dual Degree?

    By nature of applying to the program, you have also applied to Berkeley as a regular degree-seeking student. If accepted to the Dual Degree Program, you could choose to go to Berkeley for all four years instead.

  5. If I don't get into the Dual Degree, can I still attend Berkeley?

    If accepted to Berkeley, but not to Sciences Po, then yes, you could still attend Berkeley.

  6. Is French Language Required?

    Courses at the Sciences Po campuses are taught in English, with additional instruction provided in French and the living languages are spoken in the region of focus. Although French proficiency is not required at the time of admission, students are expected to learn French as part of their time at Sciences Po. If you are interested in the Euro-Africa program at the Reims campus, then French proficiency is required.

  7. Can I transfer to another Sciences Po Regional Campus once admitted?

    No, you cannot transfer campuses once accepted. Sciences Po prides itself on the campus community generated by spending two years at one campus with a close-knit student body.

  8. Can I attend the Paris campus as part of the Dual Degree Program?

    No, the Paris campus is not part of the Dual Degree Program. However, once you graduate from the Dual Degree, you do have automatic admission to a Master's program at the Sciences Po Paris campus.

  9. Can AP or IB credit count towards the program?

    If you have AP or IB credit from high school, those test scores will give you units towards your degree at UC Berkeley. They may also be used to satisfy major and/or college requirements at UC Berkeley depending on the major you choose.

Program Academics

  1. Can I study engineering in the Dual Degree?

    No, unfortunately, engineering is not in the College of Letters and Science, and therefore not available to students in this program.

  2. What if I want to study something at UC Berkeley outside of the majors listed?

    Although it may be difficult to study a major outside the ones listed on our website, in some cases, it may be possible. For more information, please email the program coordinator at

  3. Am I guaranteed a spot in a Master's program at Sciences Po?

    Yes, graduates of the Dual Degree Program, like all Sciences Po students, are guaranteed a spot in a Master's program at Sciences Po.

  4. Am I guaranteed a spot in a master's program at Berkeley?

    Graduates of the Dual Degree Program do not have a guaranteed spot in a Master's program at UC Berkeley.

  5. Can I double major at UC Berkeley in this program?

    It is possible to do a double major at Berkeley while in the Dual Degree Program but depends on what majors you want to pursue and the number of courses you have to take. For more information please email the program coordinator at



  1. Can I use my financial aid for the first two years at Sciences Po?

    As of right now, no. Financial aid can only be used for the second two years at Berkeley.

  2. Can I meet with someone to talk about the program before I apply?

    Yes! The program coordinator will meet with prospective students throughout the year. Go to the events page to see if one of our upcoming info sessions fits your schedule. If not, feel free to contact her via to schedule an in-person meeting, phone, or Skype call.

  3. Can I be connected to a current student?

    Yes. Send an email to to request to get connected to a current student in the program.

  4. Do you have a Facebook page?

    We sure do! Check us out @scipoucb and "Like" the page for updates!

  5. What degrees will I get after completion of the program?

    You will get a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from Sciences Po and a Bachelor of Arts in whatever major you choose at UC Berkeley (i.e. if you choose Economics, you would earn a Bachelor of Arts in Economics).