Menton Skyline

Sciences Po

Students in the Dual Degree Program spend their first two years at one of three Sciences Po campuses in France, each with a unique focus and geography. All instruction is offered in English. 

Le Havre- located on the Normandy Coast and focusing on the relationship between Europe and Asia.

Menton– situated on the French Riviera and concerning itself with the dynamics between Europe, the Mediterranean basin, the Middle East, and the Gulf States.

Reims*– located just outside of Paris in the Champagne region; from a comparative perspective, focusing on relations between Europe and North America. There is also a focus on Europe and Africa.

*Students who wish to join the Europe-Africa Program in Reims, must be fluent in English and have advanced/upper intermediate (B2) French language proficiency. Fluency in both languages will be assessed during admissions interviews.


UC Berkeley

Students complete their last two years at UC Berkeley. During that time, students will be in the College of Letters and Science. There are many majors available to students in the dual degree, but most major in the Social Sciences, which builds on the foundation they developed at Sciences Po.

Students who successfully complete this program, receive a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Sciences Po and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in the major they pursue at UC Berkeley. All graduates of the program are guaranteed admission into one of Sciences Po’s Master's programs.